Oil Changes and Services

At Haslips Tyres we provide an oil and filter change service that is quick and effective getting you back on the road in no time without a large hole in you wallet.

Oil is the most important lubricant in your vehicle. It keeps all your moving internal engine components lubricated, which prevents wear/fatigue. Most manufactures recommend changing your oil and filter at 10,000km, unless running a synthetic oil. Over time high engine temperatures cause thermal breakdown of the oilÕs viscosity. Viscosity is basically the rating of the thickness of the oil in your engine. Once oils loose the proper amount of viscosity they are no longer able to properly lubricate the moving parts that are so crucial to your engine running properly. Your oil filter removes any foreign contaminants in the engines oil. Both your engine oil,and filter should be changed at proper intervals to keep the engine properly lubricated.

All of our oil/filter changes include a complete Multi-Point Inspection of your vehicle, at no additional charge to you. We feel that performing this inspection at 10,000 km intervals does not allow much room for error in your vehicle. Staying on top of these items prevents most unexpected problems from sneaking up on you. We aim to make sure you always feel on top of your vehicles maintenance. This also prevents you from having to go into a service centre and leave with a huge bill, due to lack of maintenance.