Brakes are a part of your vehicle that should be checked on a regular basis. At Haslips tyres we offer a full range of brake services for passenger vehicles,4WD and light commercials.

You may notice when driving that your car vehicle is making a squealing sound this is an indication that your brake levels are getting low or old. Another sign of brake failure is when driving down hills for a long period of time your brakes start to feel weak. If you feel at any time your vehicle has one of these symptoms give us a call and we will book you in for a free quote. We also fix brake problems that have failed your Warrant of Fitness.

We complete a front & rear brake inspection on all vehicles prior to performing any brake related work allowing us to take a detailed look at what you need before performing work. This improves communication between the customers and our service department.

When we inspect a system before working on it, we are able to truly evaluate the job we have ahead of us. Sometimes we may find a frozen caliper slide, or a seized caliper piston. These are items that may not be disclosed as a problem when going into a repair shop, leaving the customer with a dreaded call ÒSir we will need to replace some additional parts!Ó This adds more parts and labour to your bill. With our brake inspection service you know up front what will need to be done.

We use quality after market products like Bendix in all our passenger and 4WD brake jobs carried out. All our work is guaranteed to meet your high expectation of getting you and your family home safely.