How to extend the life of your battery

No battery is maintenance free and can fail at anytime without warning. Batteries are sensitive to temperature changes and that is why they should be tested regularly.

Your battery should be checked for dirt, corrosion and loose cables - which can all cause your battery to fail. Keeping your battery in good shape will also give your electrical system a longer life. If your battery isn't working to its full potential, your charging system will have to work overtime and other electrical components can suffer as well

Most of the time a battery will show the first signs of a problem when you are trying to start you car, especially in cold weather.The sound of a clicking noise under you bonnet and failure to start is an indication that you battery voltage is low and requires replacing or professionally charging.

At Haslips Tyres we stock a full range of batteries for you Vehicle. We offer a free battery testing service and will also cheekif you battery is charging properly. Bookings are not required, we will cheek your battery while you wait. Proper battery maintenance is especially important in today's complex vehicles. Not only can an improperly working battery cause your vehicle to not start or run, it can drastically affect the drivability of your vehicle due to the amount of electronics in current vehicles.

At Haslips Tyres we can perform a free battery test to determine if the battery needs to be replaced. Sometimes a faulty alternator will be the culprit, but other times the test will reveal a weak battery not capable of holding a charge. This means your battery requires replacing.

We use only trusted brand Batteries and supply them to you at affordable prices