About Haslips Tyres

Haslips are proud to be Auckland’s oldest independent Tyre Company. We pride our selves on providing excellent service to our customers selling High Quality Tyres at affordable prices.



Thoy Castro

reviewed 7 months ago

as always I have problem with my tyres on my Wingroad I always go and repair with Haslips, I was amazed it was fast, and perfect service, I also change my tyres with them previous months and the quality of tyres are good and the price is acceptable . I will totally recommend their service! Thanks —–Jolan Castro

Ian Hallam

reviewed 9 months ago

Always had excellent service by knowledgeable staff. Competitive pricing too

Mahendra Jithoo

The Service at Haslips was fantastic. As Mr Tucker arranged i went in and spoke to Craig, a day before the tyres were due to be installed, and he did some pre cheeks to ensure that once i dropped of the car it would be a case of completing the work without any issues.

I dropped off my car on Wednesday morning and Craig arranged for someone to drive me to work. As agreed they picked me up at 12.45pm.

The job was done and the car ready to go.

The point of this communication is to highlight the level of service and efficiency displayed by staff at Haslips tyres, quick, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.

At my first visit Craig had no idea who I was and was attending to another customer. I had an opportunity to view the service delivered to other customers while I wanted, and the level of service was exactly the same that I received, indication that I was not treated any differently.

Thanks again –

Mahendra Jithoo – Business Development Manager – Card link- Auckland