Haslips’ Tyres caters for a wide range of shock absorber – passenger cars, 4×4 and light trucks. We also provide adjustable ride height shock absorbers for your lowered car or vehicle that carries heavy loads.

If you find yourself in the situation that some one is telling you that you need to replace your shock absorbers or you have a feeling yourself that some thing is not right with the handling of you vehicle, we can help. At Haslips’ Tyres we have the M- Tronic Shock Absorber tester. The tester using plain, simple language and graphics – tells you exactly the state of your shocks, on the spot, within minutes. So before you get your shocks replaced just because someone said so, come in and see the team at Haslips Tyres, have your shocks tested and then we can help you decide what the suitable replacement pair of shock absorbers is needed for your car.