7 Reasons why you should choose Cooper 4×4 Tyres

Cooper Tires are Made to Last

Cooper Tires have two warranties for their tyres:

Unique Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty
This is an Australia-wide warranty against manufacturing faults for the life of the tread or for 72 months. This is adjusted on a pro-rata basis.
Capital City Mileage Warranty
For 36 years in the USA and 21 years in Australia, Cooper Tires was the first tyre company to provide 4WDrivers with a mileage warranty of 50,000 – 100,000km depending on size and pattern. Although regional cities are not covered by this unique warranty, Cooper Tires will usually outlast most competitor brands even in difficult conditions beyond normal use where rapid wear can occur in any brand of tyre.

See our Warranty FAQ for full terms and conditions.

Cooper Tires have Deeper Treads

Up to 30.3% more overall tread than most original equipment brands and up to 46.3% deeper in the shoulder grooves compared to most original equipment brands. This is possible because of wider and stronger steel belts under the tread. That means more grip, more miles and more resistance to damage.

Cooper Tires Stand Up Straighter

Cooper Tires, by design, stand up straighter to deflect objects and have more grip in adverse conditions.


Most non-American brands of 4×4 tyres have a rounder or belly shape in the sidewalls. The disadvantage is that they are more easily damaged in off road conditions.


Cooper Tires have See-through Treads

Meaning the latest tread designs have open straight grooves for wet grip and self cleaning. Cooper tread designs are all the most current designs.


Cooper Tires have tread edges to suit the application

tread-edge-1‘Round’ Edge Tread
Cooper’s range of highway tyres feature round edge treads to reduce tracking on rutted roads and give more even tread wear on the edge of the tyre.

tread-edge-2‘Square’ Edge Tread
Cooper’s range of off road tyres feature square edge treads to bite in and gives better control when turning on dirt and gravel roads.

Cooper Tires are Aftermarket Innovators

Cooper’s commitment to manufacturing aftermarket products means that Cooper tyres are designed to benefit you, not a car manufacturer. Cooper Tires extensively tests its products not only in the laboratory, but in real-world situations before the tyre is released.

When Cooper wants to torture a tyre, it is tested and analysed here in Australia’s harsh outback to see if it can stand up to any situation the rest of the world can throw at it. This is important because you know the tyre is tested and proven before you even invest in a set of Cooper Tires for your vehicle.

Cooper Tires have High Quality Inner

Cooper’s long-term commitment to manufacturing premium-quality tyres means that they make sure only the highest quality components are included in their tyres. You can be sure that the latest technological advances in rubber compounds, tread design and carcass strength are met. Cooper only uses high quality components such as:

Super Tensile Steel Belts

15% stronger than regular steel belts, Cooper’s Super Tensile Steel Belts reduce the tyre’s overall weight and gives the tyre a much more uniform shape.

Thicker and Stronger Sidewall Cords

By increasing the strength and thickness of Light Truck construction sidewall cords to 2,000 denier, Cooper’s sidewalls are now 33% stronger and some 66% stronger in the sidewall (S/TMAXX and STT).

Halobutyl Inner Liners

Cooper’s highest standard. The Halobutyl Inner Liner is non-porous unlike normal rubber liners, which can allow air to leech out of the tyre. Improved air retention ensures even tyre wear throughout the tyre’s life.